W1AW/6 Special Event Station

There will be a Special Event Station, W1AW/6. Hosted by the South Bay Amateur Radio Club, W6SBA, the station will be co-located with the convention. Convention attendees are encouraged to sign-up and operate.

Talk-in Station:

W1AW/6 on 145.570 MHz. Simplex.
The station will begin about 11 AM on Friday; and about 7 AM both Saturday and Sunday.

W1AW/6 Frequencies MHz) for the Special Event Station:

 7.295 - 14.295 - 21.395 - 28.595 for voice operations (The frequencies below may change).

Hours of operation will be generally during Convention hours, 8AM until 7 PM PDT each day. Station may remain open during the evening if volunteers are available.


  • Friday (Sept. 9), starts at 11 AM until 7 PM or later, if volunteers are available.

  • Saturday, Sept. 10, starts at 8 AM until 7 PM or later, if volunteers are available.

  • Sunday, Sept. 11 starts at 8 AM until Noon.


SASE via W6SBA or
South Bay Amateur Radio Club
P. O. Box 536
Torrance, CA. 90508-0536
Special Event email: w6sba@arrl.net
Paul Avery - KK6BY, Control Operator pravery@pacbell.net

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